Windmill (CFW 84)

Model details: Windmill (CFW 84) (by: Shuzo Fujimoto)

Model types: classic tessellation, single-sheet stars
Location: on this page, in print media
Type: Crease Pattern, Step-by-step diagram, Folding tips

Windmill, CFW 84 (Shuzo Fujimoto), front
Windmill, CFW 84 (Shuzo Fujimoto), back

In Print

Instructions for this model were published in Shuzo Fujimotos’s books:

Video tutorial

There is also a video tutorial by HEYY ORIGAMI!.


This model is folded in a process called pursing: after folding a hex twist from a hexagon with 4×4×4 triangle grid, you first precrease by folding each vertex of the hexagon to the hexagon’s center, and unfolding. Once this precrease is repeated on all six sides, you fold each of the precreased lines one after the other, following a steady direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). The last fold requires some wiggling to tuck the paper layers correctly.