Star Ananke

Model details: Star Ananke (variant A) (by: Michał Kosmulski, Robin Glynn, Wei Fu)
See also: Star Ananke (variant B), Star Ananke (variant C), Star Ananke (variant D), Star Ananke (variant F), Star Ananke (variant G), Star Ananke (variant E)

Model types: color-change, modular stars
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Type: Phototutorial

Star Ananke, variant A Star Ananke, variant B Star Ananke, variant C Star Ananke, variant D
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Star Ananke has many variants, most of them just minor changes in the folding process but affecting the look of the final model.

Photo tutorial

This is a photo tutorial for Star Ananke variant A. Other variants can be derived from it, usually by adding just a few creases. Specific instructions may ba available as links from the other variants’ pages.

Folding the units

You will need 6 units for this model.

Step 1
1. Start with a square, color side up. Fold in half and unfold.
Step 2
2. Fold so that the crease goes through upper-left corner and the folded corner hits the vertical crease made in step 1. This creates a 60° angle.
Step 3
3. Fold in half, pulling up the corner folded in step 2. The end effect is the same as a reverse fold made on a square folded in half.
Step 4
4. Open the reverse fold, creating a petal fold.
Step 5
5. Start of a squash fold.
Step 6
6. Squash fold complete.
Step 7
7. Fold the flap to the left. The unit is ready.
Step 8
8. Unit seen from the other side.
Step 9
9. Finished unit for yet another angle, showing the tab and pocket.

Connecting the units

Step 10
10. Place two units side by side.
Step 11
11. Connect the units by locking the right unit’s tab in left unit’s pocket.
Step 12
12. Two units fully connected.
Step 13
13. Complete model (6 units), front.
Step 14
14. Complete model, back.

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