Iso-Area Triangle Twists (CFW 68)

Model details: Iso-Area Triangle Twists (CFW 68) (by: other/uknown, Shuzo Fujimoto)

Model types: classic tessellation
Location: on this page, in print media
Type: Crease Pattern, Folding tips

Iso-Area Triangle Twists, CFW 68 (Shuzo Fujimoto), back-lit
Iso-Area Triangle Twists, CFW 68 (Shuzo Fujimoto), front

Crease Pattern

The Crease Pattern and pictures of finished model can be found in Shuzo Fujimoto’s books:

How to fold

The basic idea is as follows:

  • Fold a triangle twist on one side of the sheet.
  • Turn the model over.
  • From the back of the triangle twist made on the other side, emerge three pleats. Choose one to work on.
  • Raise the pleat a little and split it one grid unit from the center of the twist that is on the other side.
  • Create a triangle twists using the split pleat.
  • Repeat for the other two pleats.
  • Turn the model over again. Now, find the back sides of the twists you created in previous step. One of the three pleats emerging from the center of their back sides will already be used by the triangle twist you created in the very first step of folding. For the other two, repeat the splitting and twisting procedure.
  • Continue until the whole grid has been used. While the pattern is simple and nicely symmetric, in practice folding this model with a large grid can be a bit confusing. Still, the end result looks great in back-light, and the folding process is a good exercise in managing twists on a hex grid.