Hydrangea Plaque (CFW 49)

Model details: Hydrangea Plaque (CFW 49) (by: Shuzo Fujimoto)

Model types: classic tessellation, color-change
Location: in print media
Type: Step-by-step diagram

Hydrangea Plaque, CFW 49 (Shuzo Fujimoto)

Instructions for this variant can be found in:

  • Hydrangea folding (あじさい折りおりがみ) by Shuzo Fujimoto (posth.), ISBN 9784416617274, 1922072018006: front cover, title page back, pages 7 and 33 (pictures of folded model), pages 116-117 (step-by-step instructions)
  • Folding Origami Hydrangea (おりがみ あじさい折り) by Shuzo Fujimoto (posth.), ISBN 9784416310410: pages 5 and 17 (pictures of finished model), pages 84-85 (step-by-step instructions)