Model details: Gasherbrum (by: Robert J. Lang)

Model types: modular woven polyhedron
Location: on this page, on other website
Type: Step-by-step diagram, Folding tips

Introduction and folding instructions on author’s page

Gasherbrum (Robert J. Lang)

Gasherbrum (Four Interesecting Triangles) is one of the models in Himalayan Peaks series (page contains folding instructions for this model) by Robert J. Lang.

My tips for assembly

Gasherbrum (Robert J. Lang)
This view highlights the model’s symmetry
Gasherbrum (Robert J. Lang) anaglyph
3D anaglyph (use red-cyan glasses for viewing)

This is the simplest of the Himalayan Peaks to fold and a good model to start your adventure with woven polyhedra. The top-down view presented here shows the model’s symmetry which is crucial to proper assembly of the units. The anaglyph image should also help with understanding how the units fit together in three dimensions.