Model details: Annapurna (by: Robert J. Lang)

Model types: modular woven polyhedron
Location: on this page, on other website
Type: Step-by-step diagram, Folding tips

Introduction and folding instructions on author’s page

Annapurna (Robert J. Lang)

Annapurna (Ten Interesecting Triangles) is one of the models in Himalayan Peaks series (page contains folding instructions for this model) by Robert J. Lang.

My folding tips

Annapurna (Robert J. Lang)

Since the units used for this model are long and skinny, it helps a lot to cut the paper in such way that the units’ long side runs parallel to the paper’s grain (machine direction). Otherwise, folding may be difficult even with a bone folder, especially for thick paper.

Annapurna (Robert J. Lang), 3D anaglyph
Annapurna 3D anaglyph. Requires red-cyan glasses for viewing.

This model is quite a bit more challenging to assemble than Five Intersecting Tetrahedra, but the symmetry and spatial relations between neighboring units help a lot. Unfortunately, they are much better visible in the actual physical model than any picture can convey. I hope the 3D anaglyph shown here can be of some help for folders trying to assemble this model.