Fog Stoppers for Face Mask

Model details: Origami Fog Stoppers for Face Mask (by: Michał Kosmulski)

Model types: composition, single-sheet origami-first design, other origami object
Location: on this page
Type: Phototutorial

Fog stoppers to reduce fogging of your glasses (Mcihał Kosmulski)

These origami fog stoppers can help reduce the fogging of your glasses in winter or during physical exercise. They do help, but they are not perfect. Model’s description mentions several non-origami alternatives.

In order to work, this model has to be folded from soft tissue paper (e.g. facial tissue). If the paper is not fluffy enough, fog stoppers will be too thin and will not be able to seal the mask properly.

The sheet does not have to be an exact square, but should be roughly so. You will need to fold two pieces, one for each side of your face.

Step 1
1. Start with a roughly square facial tissue.
Step 2
2. Fold along the diagonal.
Step 3
3. Fold up the corners on the left and right to the central corner.
Step 4
4. Turn over.
Step 5
5. Fold down the corner (only upper layer).
Step 6
6. Turn over.
Step 7
7. Fold up the corner at the bottom.
Step 8
8. Fold up once again.
Step 9
9. Fold in half.
Step 10
10. The folding of one fog stopper is finished. Place it on the mask as shown.
Step 11
11. Fold another fog stopper nad place it on the mask symmetrically.
Step 12
12. Attach fog stoppers to the mask by folding the loose corners behind the mask.
Step 13
13. Looking at the mask with fog stoppers and glasses from the other side.
Step 14
14. Put on the mask with the fog stoppers, then put on your glasses. Move the fog stoppers as needed to achieve a good fit and seal off the stream of exhaled air from hitting your glasses.