Folding Polish Złoty Bills

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Traditional Frog folded from a 100 zł bill

While dollar bill folding is relatively popular, other currencies are used for folding to a lesser extent. This has probably to do both with the dollar’s popularity and the fact that the relatively low value one-dollar is a bill rather than a coin. I decided to try folding Polish currency, the złoty, and the results are quite promising. You can read more on the model page of the traditional frog folded from a zł 100 bill, though it’s less than a full review. Two properties of Polish currency make it interesting: the bills have an aspect ratio of 2:1 which makes adapting some models usually folded from a square simple, and each note is a different color. The paper itself folded well, but has the usual limitations of being small. I have to experiment with złoty-bill-folding some more.