Pajarita Monument in Zaragoza

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Pajarita monument advertising EMOZ in Zaragoza, Spain

This monument to the origami Pajarita advertises EMOZ, one of the few origami museums in the world. Both the monument and the museum are located in Zaragoza, Spain, and we had the opportunity to pay a long visit there during CfC conference.

It’s great to see such a large collection of models in one place, available all the time and to everyone, rather than just for a short time during a convention. There is a permanent part of the exhibition, dedicated to the history of origami, and a larger temporary exhibition, currently “The expresion of geometry, origami mix of media” by Saadya Sternberg, Ilan Garibi and Ynon Toledano. The monument is made of metal and represents the folded structure of the model quite precisely, but for practical reasons, it is welded from several flat sheets of metal rather than actually folded.

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