Vintage Paper Review

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Christmas Tree 2018, folded from Vintage paper

I used Christmas Tree 2018 model for testing out Vintage paper. At 65 gsm, it’s rated thinner than most papers I use, and it did feel thinner indeed. The paper comes in multiple colors, all from a slightly pale, washed-out palette. While precreasing, I had the feeling that the paper stretched a little, causing the grid lines to not be aligned as precisely as I wanted. Despite the thinness, there was a considerable difference in resistance when folding with and against the grain. The collapse of the star went smoothly despite the molecule’s small size, and the main collapse (much simpler) went fine as well. There was no problem with neatly squashing the pleats on the back side. Also, 3D shaping of the tree went on without any issues.

Overall, I think this is a fine paper, although it’s probably a risky choice for models with small grid spacing or where perfect precision is required. I haven’t tried folding a large sheet, but I think this could be a bit of a problem as well due to the grid lines drifting off to the sides. On the other hand, the paper is thinner than Tant and collapsed quite well, so for small models where paper thickness plays a larger role and there is not much space for the grid to drift, it’s a good choice. The texture and the trademark dull colors are also an interesting alternative to the more colorful papers.