Yohishi (Bear Hide) Paper Review

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Sunflower Tessellation variant folded from Yohishi paper

Sunflower Tessellation (3×3) was the first model I folded from Yohishi (Bear Hide) paper. This is a thick paper which would probably be best for corrugations, but with the relatively large grid I had selected for this model (28×28 on a 35 cm sheet), it was really good for a tessellation as well. There is a big difference in resistance when folding with and against the grain. Against the grain, it would be hard to get a smooth folded edge without a bone folder, though with a bone folder, it can be made to look clean. Overall, the paper was quite fine for the model, and it looks nice, too, but its thickness means you have to use it only for models which need this quality. My general impression was that this paper behaves quite like Satogami while being noticeably thicker.