Terada Module

http://www.origamiheaven.com/pdfs/terada.pdf https://origamiusa.org/classes/convention/2021/dodecagonal-kaleidocycle
Model details: Terada Module (by: Norishige Terada)
See also: Dodecagonal Kaleidocycle

Model types: single unit
Location: on other website
Type: Step-by-step diagram

Terada Module (Norishige Terada), front
Terada Module (Norishige Terada), back
Dodecagonal Kaleidocycle (Norishige Terada)


Instructions for the module are available from David Mitchell’s page. Interesting additional information can be found at the page about a workshop given by Ed Holmes at the OrigamiUSA 2021 convention, where I learned this interesting design.

In print

According to the workshop page, instructions were also published in print: NOA Kessakusen (Origami Masterpiece Selection) 2, ISBN: 9784931297067, pages 130-133; and NOA Monthly Origami magazine #83 (July 1982), page 28.