Seal of a Secret Society

Model details: Seal of a Secret Society (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Seal of a Secret Society (Maya paper)

Model types: classic tessellation, other symbol, single-sheet stars
Location: on this page
Type: Crease Pattern, Phototutorial

Seal of a Secret Society (Michał Kosmulski)

The phototutorial below starts from a hexagon with an 8×8×8 grid. Folded this way, the model has several unnecessary creases visible on its front side. In order to avoid creating them, start with a sheet precreased as in the picture below instead, and take care to avoid creating any new creases during the initial collapse. Note that this PreCP is unusual in that it has 3-fold rotational symmetry but lacks axial symmetry: for example the crease line closest to the vertical axis of symmetry (⅛ grid) is present right to the vertical axis of symmetry but is not a continuous line on its left side.

Clean precrease pattern
Clean precrease pattern

And now for the photo tutorial proper:

Step 1
1. Start with a hexagon with an 8×8×8 grid and precrease an additional hexagram as shown (alternatively, start with the clean precrease pattern described above)
Step 2
2. Start of collapse
Step 3
3. Collapse finished
Step 4
4. Turn to the other side
Step 5
5. Arrange the little triangles connecting the hexagon to its base as shown: on three sides of the hexagon there should be two of them, and none on the other three
Step 6
6. Fold edge of hexagon to its axis of symmetry
Step 7
7. Unfold
Step 8
8. Similarly, fold and unfold on the other two sides
Step 9
9. Valley fold, following one of the creases created in the steps before
Step 10
10. Valley fold along the next crease, putting the flap above the first one
Step 11
11. Valley fold along the third crease, arranging the flaps in a symmetric way; central molecule is finished; it can also be used for a tessellation
Step 12
12. View of whole model at this stage
Step 13
13. Zoom-in to one of the corners
Step 14
14. Mountain fold along precreased lines in order to start creating the star’s rays
Step 15
15. Turn to the other side
Step 16
16. Fully flatten, following precreased lines all the time
Step 17
17. Repeat steps 13-16 in the other corners
Step 18
18. Finished model, back
Step 19
19. Finished model, front