PHiZZ unit

Model details: PHiZZ (by: Tom Hull)
See also: Bottle, 120-edge Buckyball, Klein Bottle, Nuclear Mushroom Cloud, Torus, Modified Buckyball (120 edges), Truncated Cube, Cigar / Nanotube

Model types: single unit
Location: on this page, on other website
Type: Step-by-step diagram, Folding tips

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Folding instructions

Instructions for folding the PHiZZ unit and buckyball models made with this unit can be found on the author’s web page.

Non-standard vertices

Even though normally PhiZZ units only make it possible to fold shapes where three edges meet at each vertex, it is also possible to connect two units in a vertex. This makes certain edges longer and introduces new possibilities. You can find an example in my truncated cube model.