Crane with Colored Wings

Model details: Crane with Colored Wings (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Crane with Colored Wings (Origamido paper)

Model types: animal, color-change, figurative single-sheet
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Type: Folding tips

Crane with Colored Wings (Michał Kosmulski)

The model is quite easy to fold:

  • Fold the square’s diagonals, then fold all corners to the center (blintz the square).
  • You have four triangular flaps. Bisect one 45° angle of each, folding the crease as mountains to hide the paper below, and in such arrangement that the free space you create in the center is kite-shaped.
  • Now, fold the result (a smaller square with a kite of the other color in the center), as if you were folding the standard traditional crane, and you will get this model.