Shuzo Fujimoto: story and workshop at Origami Groep Eindhoven’s New Year Special

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Related models: Translucent Design (CFW 58), Translucent Design (CFW 58) from Pergamenata Paper
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Workshop poster: Translucent Design, CFW 58, designed by Shuzo Fujimoto
Workshop poster (by Origami Groep Eindhoven): Translucent Design, CFW 58, designed by Shuzo Fujimoto, taught by me

Next Sunday, January 7th, Origami Group Eindhoven will be hosting a New Year’s special workshop. There will be ten workshops in total, with me taking the last slot at 20:00 CET. First, I will say a few words about Shuzo Fujimoto and present some models that he himself folded. Then, we will fold his tessellation, CFW 58. Make sure to bring a hexagon (cut from A4, or similar size) with a 16×16×16 triangle grid. White copy paper or other translucent paper is preferred for best effect when viewing the model in back-light.