Edokosome Paper Review

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Lucky Star Fractal (Open Back) was the first model I folded from Edokosome paper which I bought at CDO convention. I wasn’t quite sure I would like it since it is not a plain color or textured, but a patterned paper: there are several versions, this one being a “hana” flower pattern. However, when I got to folding, I was pleasantly surprised. The pattern is slightly embossed but very subtle: just strong enough to be recognizable, but does not distract from the folds or obscure the model’s structure. The colors are all toned-down, and the whole impression is very elegant.

Folding properties were also surprisingly good. The paper is thin (for my standards) and crisp. It has a somewhat plasticky feel, which I normally don’t like, but in this case it didn’t bother me since it was combined with good stiffness. I was able to fold very precisely and drawing creases between selected intersection points was easy. Creases leave a clean and sharp mark. They also reverse easily and collapsing along precreased lines went very well. Folds hold well and the whole folding process, from pre-creasing to collapsing, went very smoothly. Overall, I found this paper to be really good for models like this, and I’m very happy I decided to give it a try despite my initial reservations. I already regret I didn’t buy any of the large sheets, which the great CDO store also offered.