Kaiser (Stark) Paper Review

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Double-Bottom Double Spearhead Tessellation, folded from Kaiser (Stark) paper
Mini-Sunflower, folded from Kaiser (Stark) paper

Double-Bottom Double Spearhead Tessellation was my first fold using Kaiser paper, sold by Origami Shop under the name of Stark. In this particular model, I chose a grid size slightly too small which resulted in the paper’s thickness leading to some inaccuracies. However, based on this and some later folds, I think this is a very nice paper for tessellations and boxes. Precreasing goes well, the creases hold nicely, and the thickness is just enough to offer some resistance and allow for 3D shaping but still making relatively small details possible to fold. It also looks beautiful, which was unfortunately hard to reproduce in the picture: the tint and the fine texture do not look quite as good as in real life.