Origami models by author

Browse origami models by designer. Note that each model may be assigned to multiple authors (due to collaboration, independent discovery, etc.).

Sara Adams

Sara Adams is best known for her origami tutorials published on happyfolding.com and on YouTube.

Paolo Bascetta

Paolo Bascetta specializes in geometric designs, most of which are modular origami. He is best known for the Bascetta Star unit.

Alex Bateman

Alex Bateman is best known for his work involving origami tessellations.

Artur Biernacki

A Polish origami designer who specializes in figurative models.

Daniel Chang

An origami designer best known for his life-like models of human faces.

Joel Cooper

Joel Cooper is best known for his tessellation-based origami masks.

Tom Crain

Best known for tessellation-based work from materials other than paper, such as wood.

Barth Dunkan

Barth Dunkan (who also goes by the nicknames ecorigami and Magic Fingaz) designs mostly figurative models representing animals.

Román Díaz

Roman Diaz is an origami designer from Uruguay, who specializes in figurative origami, especially animal models.

Dirk Eisner

Dirk Eisner specializes in geometric designs, both complex modulars and tessellations.

Oriol Esteve

Oriol Esteve also goes by the nickname Trickster Origamist.

Shuzo Fujimoto

Shuzo Fujimoto (藤本修三) was among the pioneers of origami tessellations. You can read his detailed biography I wrote, based on my own research and first-hand a...

Tomoko Fuse

Tomoko Fuse (布施 知子) is the author of many origami books dedicated to different genres of geometric origami.

Ilan Garibi

Ilan Garibi is best known for his work on origami tessellations and origami jewelry.

John Gerard

John Gerard is a papermaker who produces hand-made paper, many kinds of which are excellent for origami.

Rebecca Gieseking

Rebecca Lynn Gieseking is best known for her shifted vases which incorporate curved folding and are usually designed with the help of computer software.

Eric Gjerde

Author of the seminal book, Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs.

Ben Goldberger

Yaacov Yonatan (Ben) Goldberger is an origami artist from Israel who specializes in geometric models.

Bodo Haag

Bodo Haag is best known for complex animal models, many of which incorporate color changes.

Andrey Hechuev

Andrey Hechuev (Андрей Хечуев) usually designs geometric models such as modular stars and tessellations.

Melina Hermsen

Melina Hermsen, also known under the nickname Yureiko, designed a number of tessellations, including some interesting figurative tessellations. Her later wor...

Charles Hoberman

Charles (Chuck) Hoberman is an artist and inventor, best known for his folding toys such as the Hoberman sphere.

Tom Hull

Tom (Thomas) Hull is a mathematician and creator of mathematical origami.

Kota Imai

Kota Imai (今井幸太) is the creator of many complex figurative models.

Satoshi Kamiya

Satoshi Kamiya (神谷 哲史) is best known for his supercomplex origami designs.

Fumiaki Kawahata

Fumiaki Kawahata (川畑文昭) is the author of many, mostly figurative, origami designs.

Toshikazu Kawasaki

Toshikazu Kawasaki (川崎敏和) is both an origami designer (famous for his rose models and the related Kawasaki Twist fold) and researcher in the area of origami ...

Arseniy Kazhamiakin

Arseniy Kazhamiakin, who usually goes by the shorter name Arseniy K. or his instagram handle arsenikoom, is a designer of origami tessellations from Belarus.

Goran Konjevod

An origami designer best known for his organic, pleat-based designs.

Michał Kosmulski

You can find out more about me and my origami work on the About me page. Below are some models I designed, including models designed together or independentl...

Daniel Kwan

Author of many woven polyhedra and tessellation designs.

Robert J. Lang

Robert J. Lang is not only the creator of many unique models but also the author of several notable origami books, in particular Origami Design Secrets and T...

Ekaterina Lukasheva

Ekaterina Lukasheva first became known for her kusudamas and then moved on to designing tessellations based on curved folding.

José Meeusen

José Meeusen (formerly José Krooshoop) is best-known for her modular origami designs.

Yoshihide Momotani

Yoshihide Momotani (桃谷好英) is the author of many origami models, spanning multiple genres, from figurative to tessellations.

Jeannine Mosely

A designer best known for her work on modular origami, in particular the Menger Sponge project.

Meenakshi Mukerji

Meenakshi Mukerji (née Mukhopadhyay) is the author of several books on modular origami. She also created one of the longest-running web sites dedicated to th...

Robert Neale

Robert Neale is an origamist who has been active for many years in the fields of both representational and geometric origami.

Taiko Niwa

Taiko Niwa (†2021-12-28) was a Japanese origami designer. She also participated, together with Tomoko Fuse and Satoko Saito in the edition and publishing of ...

Francis Ow

Francis Ow was the author of many geometric designs and is best-know for his models incorporating the heart symbol.

Ben Parker

Benjamin DiLeonardo Parker is best known for his work related to origami tessellations, including the book Six Simple Twists.

Samuel Randlett

Samuel L. Randlett is an origami creator best known for being a co-creator of the Yoshizawa-Randlett origami diagramming system.

Ron Resch

Ron Resch (Ronald Dale Resch) was an artist whose work, among other things, included a number of pioneering designs in origami tessellations. The Paper and S...

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is a professional paper artist and author of several dozen origami books.

Andrea Russo

Italian origami artist, best known for corrugations and other geometric designs.

Naomiki Sato

Naomiki Sato (佐藤直幹) is best known for his realistic origami roses.

Ray Schamp

I stumbled upon Ray Schamp’s work on flickr when I first learned about origami corrugations.

Robin Scholz

Robin Scholz has designed a huge number of origami tessellations and has developed an easily recognizable folding style.

Jeremy Shafer

Jeremy Shafer is best known for humorous and novelty origami designs as well as action origami.

Endre Somos

A Hungarian origami designer who specializes in geometric models.

Carmen Sprung

An origami designer best known for her modular origami stars.

Nicolas Terry

Origami designer, book publisher and Origami-Shop owner.


This user’s instagram description says “小田智子”. I was not able to find a real name or other accounts.

Quentin Trollip

Quentin Trollip is an origami designer whose best-known designs are animals and other nature-related models.

Yara Yagi

Yara Yagi is an origami designer from Brazil. Her models are most often figurative and often make use of wet folding.

Thoki Yenn

The late Thoki Yenn designed a number of geometric models, many of which are at the same time somewhat representational.

Madonna Yoder

Madonna Yoder (also known as Gathering Folds) works mostly with tessellations, including those folded from fabric rather than paper.

Evan Zodl

Designer of (mostly geometric) origami and author of many origami tutorials.


Sometimes a model’s author or authors remain unknown. At the same time, it would probably be possible to determine them given enough work, so these models ca...

traditional models

Traditional models are those whose authors and circumstances of creation remain unknown. This may be because of the model’s old age, because it is so simple ...